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Yumeyakata est l'un des plus grands magasins de location de kimono à Kyoto, applicable pour les réceptions de groupe de 100 personnes à la fois. Avec les mains vides, il faut environ 40 minutes du Kimono au maquillage. Nous fournissons des kimonos non seulement pour les dames, mais aussi pour les hommes et les enfants, afin que toute la famille puisse profiter de l'expérience à un coût abordable.

Chers agents de voyage

Le port de costumes traditionnels et la promenade dans les rues anciennes sont devenus une tendance à la mode.
De telles expériences dans votre itinéraire attirera sans aucun doute
plus de clients pour rejoindre votre tournée. Nous pouvons accepter plus de 300 personnes.
N'hésitez pas à nous contacter!


​Please let us know if your company visit our shop  for the first time.

Plase send a below application form via fax after you called.

If more than 5 people in your group, please send a list of names too.

How to book

Approximately 100 people at once. (a maximum of 300 people in a day )
[※Book for more than 100 people. It takes about 40 minutes for a kimono makeover

​The number of people we can accept

Open hours


We can accept reservations outside opening hours, but there will be an extra charge.

※Please contact first.

Time required 

30~40 people 45min| 100 people 1hour | 150 people 1.5hours

※Customer can choose from recommended set of Kimono and obi in the case of large group.  

Small group can choose kimono and obi by themselves so it takes about 1 hour. 

1.Let us know the number of people, reservation date and the male-to-female ratio by telephone.

2.Please send an application form via fax and fill the information below.

(1)date and time、(2)Name of school/group、(3)Phone number of school/travel agent、

(4)Name and phone number of teacher/guide、(5)The number of people, their gender and height(only small child)

※If there is very tall or short person in the group, please let us know. 

※If you don't use FAX, e-mail us please.

3.We will confirm your reservation.

1.You can make a reservation by telephone or e-mail or reservation form.

Please fill the information below.

(1)Name of school、(2)Phone number of school、(3)Name and phone number of your teacher、(4)Name and gender of people wear kimono

※If there is very tall or short person in the group, please let us know. 

3.We will confirm your reservation.

For travel agency/School trip

For small group


Group / Travel Agency

Kimono Rental



Yukata Rental(Summer Only)


Summer only(6.1~9.10)。

Female Yukata Sale Plan (a set of 3 items)


Female Yukata Sale Plan (a set of 3 items)

Contents of the set: Yukata・sush(Obi)・Japanese shoes(Geta) + drawstring bag(Kinchaku)・two strings are presents! + No charge for dressing
A 5500 yen set only includes Free Size.

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School excursion

Kimono Rental


Most popular plan! We prepare everything!

You don't need to bring anything.

There are shawls you can rent for free during winter.

Yukata Rental (Summer only)


Summer only(June 1~Sept 10) 

We highly recommend Yukata during summer. It's cooler than kimono!

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Hairstyling ※reservation required


This option is only for small group.

We offer at a special price!(except early morning and after 4:30pm)

Usual price is 3000yen.

Return on the next day


Extend the return time. You can enjoy dinner in kimono!
Please return by 10:00 am~5:00 pm on the next day.
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Tour bus loading zone

When you arrive at Yumeyakta, please get off from the tour bus

in front of the store. After that the bus will move to east

and wait by the footbridge.

Yumeyakata is nearby the Karasumagojo junction.

Please wait here on the eastern part of the store. 

School excursion

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